Tattoo Ticket

350,00 kr.

Tattoo Ticket

Please note that all my work is copyrighted.

If you wish to have one of my existing illustrations tattooed this is your chance!

To avoid copyright issues a tattoo artist needs approval before tattooing another artist’s work. With this purchase you can easily get my approval for a tattoo and support my work at the same time.

Please send me an email with your request at:

I will then send you a PDF ticket by email. Note that it gives you permission for 1 specified illustration for 1 personal tattoo. Any other reproduction or use of the image will be a violation of copyright law.

Note that you do not buy the exclusive rights for this tattoo. Others might buy it too.

Please contact me at if you have any questions.

Return Policy
Tattoo ‘Tickets’ are Final Sale.

350 DKK